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Who We Are

At PopuMusic, we are dedicated to making the world of music more accessible to everyone, to lower the barriers to music education through visual and interactive learning, just like the Northern Aurora Lights illuminating the darkest skies.

PopuMusic was founded in April 2015. We specialize in gamification of music self-learning, and focus on making music learning fun and efficient with technology. Bohan Zhang, the founder of PopuMusic discovered the potentials of smart instrument during the time of overseas study. In order to redefine the way of music learning, Bohan dropped school and devoted himself to development of technology to create closer relationship between people and music than ever. During the first year of the company's running, elites from various communities joined our team. We work together and strive to bring the dream of "Learn your first song in 5 minutes and be able to perform in 60 minutes" to life.

Our Achievements

To make this goal into reality, for the past few years, we have already launched Poputar, Populele 1 and Populele 2 on Indiegogo, supporting thousands of happy users to chase their music dreams. This year 2022, we finally bring the PopuPiano to the world. In our eyes, this is the best of the bests. We wish that you can find the pure joy, sensation and comfort from music on PopuPiano and all our beautiful products, just like we do.
$470,762 USD raised in 2017
For anyone who‘s yearned to learn an instrument. Populele can make it happen in minutes.
$449,716 USD raised in 2020
Smart guitar with immersive learning experience. Learn to play guitar like a pro in 10 days.
$903,355 USD raised in 2021
Learn your favorite songs in 15 mins with vast song library. Interactive tutorials. New preamplifier
$4,508,350 USD raised in 2022
Unique Chord Pad | LED Fingering Guide | Free Lessons | Compatible with GarageBand | FreePlay Compose

Our Product

Poputar Smart Guitar

Poputar smart guitar is the first smart musical instrument product under PopuMusic. It indicates the position of the left hand pressing the strings through the neck LED light, and relies on the rhythm game to guide the APP to play the right hand, turning the boring process of learning the piano into a vivid interactive experience. To help beginners quickly learn the simple accompaniment of popular music in the game mode of "Real Guitar Rhythm Master".
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Populele Smart Ukulele

Populele smart ukulele is the second smart musical instrument product of PopuMusic. It redefines the learning mode of Ukulele, and quickly learns the strumming accompaniment of Ukulele with the game method of "Taiko Drum Master". Music CP is an APP product for music online education. Through AI and human-computer interaction, users can learn guitar, ukulele and other musical instruments on this platform.
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Our Honor

PopuMusic is committed to exploring the ultimate in music interaction, making music visible and perceptible through visual guidance. Through the research and development of intelligent musical instruments and the construction of an intelligent music education platform, the company makes music learning efficient and interesting.