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PopuPiano is the world’s first smart piano that combines the chord pad and keyboard, it is a revolution system in music learning and compostion, aimed at learners of all ages and levels. Also, the lightweight and portability make it unconventional from traditional pianos and easy to carry. The appearance of PopuPiano is sleek and cool with 2 color options of the body, and there are LED lights combined with keys, presenting different colors. These LED lights would light up as guides to show learners how to play.

Along with PopuPiano, there is an app containing different tutorials and games for learners to learn and practice. There are hundreds of instruments that can be chosen from, with pre-recorded chords, notes and scales. The app makes it easy to have a quick start to playing keyboards. To have more fun, learners can choose from 60 trending pop songs in the music library of the app to play and sing, and the music library updates every month for free.

The PopuPiano has magnetic connectors so it can be connected with other chord pad and left-handed keyboard, with which a piano duet is achievable. Plus, it is compatible with professional software such as GarageBand and Logic so that advanced learners can also find this product professional enough to meet their needs.

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