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Traditional Music Learning V.S Revolutionary PopuMusic



Brand Milestone

Crowdfunding Raising
Community Users
Social Media Followers
 Influencers & Media
Crowdfunding Raising
Community Users
Social Media Followers
 Influencers & Media

Our Story

PopuMusic was founded in April 2015. We specialize in gamification of music self-learning, and focus on making music learning fun and efficient with technology.

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How is Guitar "smart"?

Poputar's 96-LED fretboard connects with the app via Bluetooth to show exactly how to play your favorite songs, giving beginners a quick and satisfying way to start their musical journey, and helping the experienced take their repertoire to the next level.

What is the difference between Populele 2 and Populele 2 Pro?

The premium version (Populele 2 Pro) is our 2021 new arrival, which comes with a newly-added preamplifier, letting beginners play like a pro using professional sound effects including chorus, reverb and delay. While the standard version (Populele 2) is our 2020 old version, which features the rest of the function.

What are the differences between PopuPiano from other brands?

PopuPiano is the first smart piano that combines a Chord Pad with a keyboard, both of which are packed with smart features. The LED light keys will give you real-time feedback on the App while you are playing. The Chord Pad is pre-recorded with various chords and notes from hundreds of instruments. Also, there are various free songs of different genres available on the App for you to play and learn. Not just for beginners, PopuPiano is also perfect for pros as it is compatible with professional software like GarageBand.

How can I download the App?

You are able to download the app through Apple's App Store and Android’s Google Play. The key word is "PopuMusic".

You can also visit this link: