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Want to Learn Ukulele? The Populele 2 Makes It Easier Than You Think

Nov 27, 2023 PopuMusic

A great way to start learning the ukulele, the Populele 2 Pro features everything you need. It's light, easy to play, syncs with an instructive mobile app for Android and iOS where you'll learn new tunes, and app-controlled LEDs tell you where to place your fingers. It's expensive, but the price matches the quality of the instrument. The Pro model also features a preamp and output jack for connecting the ukulele to an amplifier.

  • Bluetooth with app syncing
  • LEDs embedded in neck for learning
  • Preamp and output jack
  • Type: Populele 2 Pro
  • Length: 23 inches
  • Strings: Fluorocarbon
  • Body type: Carbon Fiber Reinforced SAN Composite, ABS neck
  • Frets: 14
  • Electronic enhancements: Preamp
  • Brand: PopuMusic
  • Lightweight and easy to play
  • Produces a nice sound
  • Good collection of songs in the app
  • Too long for most uke cases
  • Bluetooth connectivity a pain
  • Lack of constructive feedback in the app
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