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5 Ways to Get the Vacation Flow Zen

Nov 27, 2023 PopuMusic

Hey there, 👋 vacations and long days full of sunlight are on the horizon. Did you know that the zen that comes with"flow" happens when the activities engage (not avoid) the noggin? Yup, that's why your Populele fits into your next vacation so perfectly (ukuleles travel well too). Try these five simple tips to get happy zen feels on that vaca with your Populele:

Put your moat to work.

Uninterrupted time is key to getting that flow going. Even though you are eons away from your regular life (unless you're on a staycation), technology makes it so that life can follow you just about anywhere. You need to zero in and avoid distractions when you are seeking flow. What does your moat look like? If you get really distracted by those Instagram notifications, turn them off a while. Know thy self and build that moat.

Focus on the strum.

You gotta have goals, but don't let them cramp your flow. Just like surfing a wave, stay in the present moment and focus on each strum. Flow comes when you are focused on that journey, instead of the goal that put you on it. Get on that path and then forget about the goal. Just keep strumming.

Keep it just a little above your level.

It's good to keep on a path towards a goal that you can reach. Choose a song (maybe one that makes you smile) or a skill that's just a little more challenging than the skills you've already got. Flexing a little brain muscle gets you closer to that zen, but straining will break it up. This is where the Populele in-app games fit perfectly, they will help you find that "sweet spot."

Get comfortable (and maybe a margarita too?).

Settle in folks, it's going to be a super chill ride. To unwind and relax with some flow, make sure you've got all pertinent vacation necessities at your side. If you indulge in a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips every vacation, have those chips with you when you go flow. Going outside? Bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

#Optoutside folks and put it on the schedule. 

Take that ukulele out for a flow stroll and make sure it makes the vacation schedule. A ukulele is perfect for the outdoors, especially beaches. It will get your mind in the right state to hone in on those strings. If this vacation has a schedule, don't forget to add the flow stroll to yours. Making sure you get it in and make it happen is key to harnessing the zen.

Ready to get your flow on? Just grab that smart ukulele and head out the door. The zen awaits. 

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