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A Compact Lighting Keyboard for Music Making and Learning

With glowing keys and multifunctional pad controller, PopuPiano makes piano practice smarter and easier.

FREE video tutorials can lead you from a beginner to a great producer.

Compatible with professional software like Logic/ Cubase/ Garageband, it’s also a great keyboard for pro players.

Lights, Playing and Real-Time Feedback

In the tutorials and practices, keys will be lit up according to the instruction, improving playing accuracy and learning efficiency.

All practices are designed with gradual difficulties.

Take your time and make progress step by step.

Learn Hundreds of Songs in Minutes

Most songs are made of repetitive chords.

PopuPiano simplifies the mastery of these chords by condensing most-used chords into a compact pad controller.

Combined with a karaoke lyrics display, it allows you to play and sing along with hundreds of hit songs with taps of your finger.

Create Your Very First Song in Life

The PopuMusic APP comes with free tutorials tailored for both newbies and professionals.

With hundreds of instrument sounds, you can kickstart your music making journey with endless possibilities.

Make Any Music Type You Like

PopuPiano assists your composing by lighting up different keys according to the music type.

Simply follow the lights and you can rock and roll in Blues/ Chinese/ Japanese/ Flamanco/ Persian/ Hindu music styles.

No more boring music theory, even a novice can be a great music maker!

Find the Pitch Just Suits Your Voice

PopuPiano offers more than 20 pitches to choose from, broadening the type of music you can play and sing.

Feeling the pitch of your favorite song too high to sing with?

Just lower the pitch and you’ll do it much better!

Precise Pitch Controller

Precise on the adjustment of every half-tone, PopuPiano will help you find the perfect pitch for your voice.

7 Octaves Available

Just as capable as 88 keys piano.

Double Keys, Double Creativity

By connecting another specially designed keyboard on the left side, your PopuPiano suddenly turns into a classic E-keyboard.

Start the journey of being a pro player and unleash your music potential!

Get Limited Super Early Bird Offer up to 50% OFF